Will Hanson - Home

Guaranteed to be one of the most overplayed instrumentals for the next 12 months. Bloody good though.

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The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

“Hearts adore, every one the other beats hardest for”.

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Active Child feat. How To Dress Well - Playing House

Baby we’re just playing house, Just cause it feels good

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And The Giraffe - Underground Love

The blindsiding wildfire crept through the fog, It ended our dreams and ended us all. A new temptation followed thereafter, A desire to move – to move on faster.

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Young Man In America - Anais Mitchell

This is a cracker. However, from the the 4:09 mark it reaches a pinnacle of greatness.

Yep. Two posts, one week.

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Ewert And The Two Dragons - Sailor Man

Unusual vocals and a chilled out feel. Very catchy.

P.S. I’m back.

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The song:

The meaning of the song: “Moments is about a Guys Girlfriend dying, and he is trying to deal with it, But ends up killing himself to be with her. <’3 I sob everytime I hear it.”

A small passage of the lryics that bring on the shivers (apparently):

Playing games in the street Kicking balls with my feet Dancing on with my toes Standing close to the edge There’s a pile of my clothes At the end of your bed

I normally stay out of the whole Bieber/One Direction hating thing. People like their songs, and thats fine by me. But tell me what about this song brings you out in Goosebumps? I’m at a loss. The best I can say about this song is that its a shoddy and bland Westlife-esque ballad attempt.

Anyway. Thats all I have to say about that.

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sbtrkt - atomic peace

I’m not lying when I say this gets rid of all the stress in your body.

Its such a good advertisement for what the ‘power of music’ can do for people. Nice one sbtrkt.

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Ben Howard - The Fear

Ben Howard is a Devon-born folk singer who originally studied Journalism before turning to music as his a full time profession (a man after my own heart by that reckoning).

His vocals remind me of a higher-pitched Jack Steadman with the same empty room production values of early Justin Vernon material.

His album “Every Kingdom” has earned him some well deserved recognition since its release in October, 2011 - it’s definitely one to sample if you’re a fan of the alt-folk, singer/songwriter genre.

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New Bloc Party album set for release later this year →

Last year Kele courted controversy by claiming that while he was busy with his solo career, the remaining members of Bloc Party would be auditioning new singers to allow them to continue playing together…

…It was then suggested that the four members had been in cahoots to whip up publicity for the band and ‘get one over’ on the media.

Happy to hear that Okereke will be staying in the frame in Bloc Party, but I can’t help that there is more to this story than the public has been allowed to know. With the amount of time the guys have taken out from the last LP, people can change a lot.

Maybe while it is all resolved currently between the guys, this next record might be the last?

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